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Story shared: "Johnny Angel" falls in love. Dear Aunt Marilyn, Eileen & Bruce, Christine & family, Kevin & family -

My deepest condolences to you on the loss of your wonderful husband, father & grandfather.

Uncle John was a vital part of our family life when we all lived together on 64 Burnside Dr.  Dad & Mom were overburdened with resposiblities & a growing family so our dear Uncles often included us in their fun outings.  Not many young men would bring their neices & nephews along on their dates - but looking back I'm pretty sure that's what happened!  Out for ice-cream, on the beach, or driving to People's Church with Uncle John & the beautiful Marilyn.  My sister & I holding Marilyn's hand, vying for her attention while Uncle John was edged out - still we always felt loved & welcomed by them both.

I remember how movie-star handsome he was - blonde & debonair with a serious expression - this we knew was to hide a soft heart.  We snooped in his room, eavesdropped on his phone calls, listened to his music & basically made a nuisance of ourselves.  We knew we'd gone too far when he turned to us with a sad scowl - this might be followed by a half-hearted flick of his comb if we weren't careful.  And we TATTLED on him!  "Marilyn he LOVES you" we would declare. "He's ALWAYS talking about you".  He had so little privacy with us around!  A popular love song at the time was called 'Johnny Angel', Uncle John would sing along to the music when it came on the radio.  In my heart I thought that song was about Uncle John & Aunt Marilyn - still do - it was the way he hoped Marilyn felt about him.  We were totally engrossed & enchanted by their love-story.  Still are!

He was a wonderful Uncle, generous with his time & his affections. I feel so blessed to have known Him. 

May the Lord comfort your hearts knowing that "...eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has the heart imagined how much God has prepared for those who love Him." 1 Cor. 2:9.



Lily Dors Thornton & family





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